Argus CASA software

The software “Argus-CASA” allows counting the number of sperm cells in the test material, to assess their mobility and morphological indicators.

Analysis of parameters is carried out in accordance with recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO).

The following three methods are included: «Motility», «Morphology» и «DNA fragmentation». The special methods of sample preparation are developed.

Download PDF version of booklet «Computer image analyzer for researching human sperm Argus-CASA» (RUS).

Basic features of Argus-CASA software:

  • Determination of sperm concentration (in mln/ml).
  • Estimation of round cells concentration (in mln/ml).
  • Measurement of sperm cell movement parameters and division into classes of mobility in accordance with recommendations from WHO.
  • Determination of sperm cells percentage ratio with various mobility.
  • Automated separation of sperm cell head, neck and tail in the stained smear.
  • Automated division of sperm cells considering the parameters of their heads according to the strict criteria of Krueger for norm and pathology, and calculation of their percentage ratio.
  • Automated classification considering the degree of fragmentation in 5 classes: without fragmentation of DNA (with big and medium “halo”), with fragmented DNA (with small “halo” and without “halo”) and degenerate (“halo” is absent, and the nucleus has a strange form or painted weakly).
  • Calculation of percentage ratio of sperm cells with various degree of DNA fragmentation.

Additional features:

  • Transmission of “live video” from camera to PC screen.
  • Control of camera operation modes and storage of adjustments from software.
  • The software is entirely in English.
  • Possibility to correct a neck and a tail.
  • Presentation of morphology data in the mode of Gallery with a possibility to inspect criteria of referring to each class.
  • It is possible to divide sperm cells related to the “Pathology” class in three classes: “Head pathology”, “Neck pathology” and “Tail pathology”.
  • Storage of results in Integrated data base.
  • Presentation of information in the data base as a blank form and a table.
  • Possibility to search information in the data base, filter and sort data.
  • Printing out of analysis results as a blank form.

Morphology in Argus-CASA

ДНК -галерея_htl

DNA Fragmentation in Argus-CASA

The version of software for analyzing sperm cells of animals provides a possibility to calculate the number of sperm cells in the material under research and evaluate their mobility and concentration.
This software is designed for equipping of work places for specialists engaged in analysis of sperm
cells of animals – veterinarians, breeders (breeders, experts and vet operators), as well as researchers in
the area of reproductive medicine of animals.
The software obtains a multiple classifier providing a possibility to analyze sperm cells of various animals
without re-adjusting parameters, but creating a separate classifier of sperm cells for each animal specimen.