Karyotyping software

The software enables automatic karyotyping of human chromosomes by band position, as well as karyotyping of chromosomes of animals and plants online. There is the possibility of training programs recognition of chromosomes, using his own chromosomes database.

Basic software features are as follows:

  • Dealing with G, Q, R staining.
  • Automated karyotyping of human chromosomes with recognition of bends.
  • Automated karyotyping of pig chromosomes.
  • Three built in bases of standard ideograms of human chromosomes with various clearance levels under the ISCN nomenclature: (400, 550 and 850 levels).
  • Possibility to add bases of standard ideograms of chromosomes for other animal and plant species.
  • Existence of developed sample preparation methods.


Additional features:

  • Input of metaphase plate images using a camera and a scanner, opening them from the disc, transferring them from the data base.
  • Improvement of initial image quality.
  • Accompanying an image with graphics.
  • Automated division of applied and contacting chromosomes.
  • Comparison of chromosomes and ideograms.
  • Training the system of chromosomes recognition using the user’s preparations.
  • Transfer of metaphase plate images and karyograms into the built in image data base.
  • Preset patterns of reports.
  • Storage and print of images and analysis results.
  • Plotting of ideograms.
  • Correction of karyograms.