Microscopes. Sperm Analysis

Microscopes that are included with hardware and software systems for computerized sperm analysis should meet the following basic requirements:

  • adjustment of illumination using the method of Kohler;
  • realized methods of contrast: light background, phase contrast;
  • phase-contrast lens with ratio of 10×, or 20×, with working distance providing a possibility to work with a camera of Makler for operation in accordance with the methods “Mobility”;
  • oil immersion objective with ratio of 100x for operation according to the methods “Morphology”;
  • trinocular tube with C-mount adapter with ration of 1x for installation of digital camera.

ArgusSoft Company recommends the following models of microscopes for delivery as part of hardware-software complexes for sperm computer analysis:

AxioLab A1 (Carl Zeiss). www.zeiss.com

AxioLab A1
(Carl Zeiss). www.zeiss.com

DM 1000 & DM 1000 LED (Leica). www.leica-microsystems.com

DM 1000 & DM 1000 LED (Leica). www.leica-microsystems.com

CX41 (Olympus). www.olympus-lifescience.com

CX41 (Olympus).

E200 LED (Nikon). www.nikon.com

E200 LED

MT 5000 (Meiji Techno). www.meijitechno.com

MT 5000
(Meiji Techno).

AxioScope A1 (Carl Zeiss). www.zeiss.com

AxioScope A1
(Carl Zeiss).

DM 2500 & DM 2500 LED (Leica Microsystems). www.leica-microsystems.com

DM 2500 & DM 2500 LED (Leica). www.leica-microsystems.com

BX43 (Olympus). www.olympus-lifescience.com

BX43 (Olympus). www.olympus-lifescience.com

Сi-E (Nikon). www.nikon.com


MT 6000 (Meiji Techno). www.meijitechno.com

MT 6000
(Meiji Techno).