Software for FISH analisys

The software allows automatic investigation by the method of fluorescent in situ hybridization to determine the exact position of the genes on the chromosomes, visualization unrecognizable microscopic violations, determination of chromosomal aberrations, operational establishment of aneuploid cells, visualizing the individual segments of chromosomes in interphase nuclei, the establishment of the genetic similarity between the remote species, etc.

Basic software features are as follows:

  • Receiving a series of images with hybridized DNA (for various sets of filters)
  • Color-coding of received black-and-white images with a possibility to select color from the palette
  • Automated resulting color image which is the sum of pseudo-colored images of the series
  • Automated separation of chromosomes (dealing with chromosome spreads)
  • Automated development of karyogram for human chromosomes and development of standard ideograms of chromosomes in it

Additional possibilities:

  • Improvement of initial image quality
  • Correction of optical shift for summed images in relation to each other
  • Editing of image
  • Performing manual measurements
  • Printing of analysis results in the form of a report prepared by a user
  • Storing initial images and results of analysis in the integrated data base
Анализ хромосомных препаратов по методу FISH

Analysis of chromosomal preparations by FISH method

Анализ клеточных препаратов по методу FISH

Analysis of cell preparations by FISH method