Blood Cell Analysis Software

The software is designed to control the scanning stroke, the image capturing blood cells and their quantitative treatment in three specialized methods: “Leukocyte formula”, “Erythrocytopenia”, “leukocyte Count”.

General features:

  • Automated input of blood cell images, providing representativeness of selection.
  • Possibility to install sufficiency of a data set (necessary quantity of cells for analysis) for methods.
  • Possibility to move the table automatically to provide repeated inspection and analysis of a cell in question by pressing one button.

Special features:
WBC method
Automated classification of 6 types of leukocytes: band neutrophils, segmented neutrophils, basophiles, eosinophils, lymphocytes and monocytes.

  • Possibility to correct results of classification with following automated recalculation of WBC.
  • Possibility to compare visually arranged cells with the built in gallery of samples.
  • Possibility to compare visually unrecognized cells with an integrated atlas of blood cells
  • Possibility to compare visually a gallery of arranged cells with an integrated gallery of samples.
  • Possibility to compare visually unrecognized cells with an integrated atlas of blood cells.

Automated classification of 6 types of leukocytes.

The integrated atlas of blood cells is an electronic guide of hematopoietic system diseases (acute leukemia, myelodysplastic syndrome, myeloproliferative disorders, anaemias and etc.).
The atlas is developed by the RMAPO Department of clinical laboratory diagnostics specialists, such as MD Lugovskoy S.A. and DPM Pochtar M.E. with technical support from specialists of “ArgusSoft”.

Erythrocytometery method

  • Automated classification of erythrocytes considering the parameter of “medium size” in 4 classes: microcytes, normocytes, macrocytes and megalocytes.
  • Automated classification of erythrocyte and plotting a Price-Jones curve Plotting a Price-Jones curve. The value of parameter “Medium size” is plotted along the X axis of the diagram, and percentage of erythrocytes of each class is plotted along the Y axis. Two Price-Jones curves are applied on the column diagram: green curve – normal distribution, red curve – calculated according to the results of performed analysis. Analyzing the shift of curves, it is possible to judge about deviation of a received result from the norm.
  • Calculation of erythrocyte (femtolitre) medium volume, thickness of erythrocyte (mcm) and index of sphericity (relative units) considering indexes HCT, RBC and WBC, received using other methods.
  • Determination of statistical parameters for each class and all analyzed selection: arithmetic mean value of size; error of arithmetic mean; minimal size (min); maximum size (max); number of erythrocytes in each class; % of erythrocyte number of each class in relation to all analyzed erythrocytes.

Calculation of thrombocytes method

  • Automated calculation of absolute number of thrombocytes (Absolute number).
  • Automated calculation of percent of thrombocytes for 1000 erythrocyte using the method of Fonio (in pro mille).
  • Calculation of absolute number of thrombocytes (pieces) in terms of 1 mcl of blood considering the RBC factor, received using other methods.

Possibilities to record results of analysis:

  • Storage of analysis results in the integrated data base with convenient searching and sorting system in the form of a single document.
  • Formation of reports in accordance with requirements of a medical treatment facility.
  • Printing reports out.